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Vendors constitute an important part of an enterprise’s external environment. The vendor management provides additional and more detailed practical guidance and facilitates the vendor management process for IT and business professionals. The process focuses on all third-party that supplies products or services to an enterprise. The efforts are put on to manage the third-party relationships that:

Play a vital role in the enterprise’s daily operations.

Have a critical impact on the success of the enterprise’s strategic projects

Require long-term contracts

Have potential for significant financial implications

Are difficult to change overnight

Require frequent interaction and collaboration for disputes or have complex problem-resolution mechanisms

Access or manage substantial critical or sensitive data


Data loss reduction

Decrease in audit findings

Cost optimization

Increased availability

Liability reduction

Increased end-user satisfaction

Value creation

Improves third-party relationships

Providing relevant information about Vendor Management Program to trading partners, customers, and other organizations with whom you interact for operational or commercial reasons


Vendor Setup - Bidding Process, RFI, RFQ, RFP

Vendor Contract Management

Forms a common understanding of what needs to be achieved

Defines all deliverables, relevant service levels and metrics

Defines responsibilities and obligations

Defines the terms and conditions

Specifies how risk will be allocated between parties

Defines legal counsel and jurisdiction stipulations

Vendor Operations Management

Transition-in period

Contract Change Management

Vendor Transition-out

Vendor is no longer needed or willing to deliver product/services

Exit strategy


It Vendor Management