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PCI/DSS Implementation

Banks and financial service providers are constantly facing challenges to safeguard the customer data including Credit/Debit card details and other personal information. Payment Cardholder Information Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is promoted by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and others to establish a consistent and secure process across all entities who handle cardholder data.

All merchant banks and businesses that are accepting, processing, storing and transmitting customer card data are required to comply with the PCI-DSS standard.


The quickest solution proposed to meet the PCI-DSS requirement is procurement of new infrastructure and product which is an expensive option and not feasible for everyone. Other challenges that a company faces are:

PCI-DSS implementation takes a long time to complete and does not meet the timelines set by PCI-SSC

Lack of clarity in leveraging the existing investment in infrastructure, process and people to meet PCI-DSS requirements

The solutions and recommendations from QSA GAP analysis are vague and difficult to implement

These recommendations usually entail high financial investments without clear benefits

Ongoing maintenance of newly acquired products and process becomes an additional burden


Holistic, integrated and continuous protection card holder data through entire lifecycle and business process of the bank

Formulating standard security framework to ensure PCI-DSS related security risks are cost effectively managed and improved

Ensuring compliance with government policies and international best practices

Minimizing risks and security breaches

Create a Security culture of engagement that supports continuous professional development

Determining the degree of compliance with the PCI-DSS policies, directives, and standards adopted by your organization

Providing relevant information about PCI-DSS policies, directives, standards, and procedures to trading partners, customers, and other organizations with whom you interact for operational or commercial reasons


Card Data Flow Analysis

Risk Assessment


PCI-DSS Certification

Awareness and training program