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It Strategy Development

The IT Strategy Development aims to define an Enterprise Architecture, IT governance and IT operations plan. The goal is to produce a straightforward and implementable strategy, aligned with organizational priorities, which is suitable for demonstrating IT business value and will justify IT resource and budget allocations. The resulting strategy attempts to be comprehensive enough to illustrate what is possible and practical at organizations with a specific culture, style of management and a sufficient level of IT organizational acceptance that helps business achieve its growth objectives.


Alignment of the information technology strategy with the organizational strategy, business goals and objectives

A fully aligned enterprise architecture consisting of an Architecture for enterprise Business, Information, Technology, IT Solutions and Systems

An explicit IT governance framework for IT decision-making structures and processes

An information technology plan that takes a position on the suitability, funding priority, and/or timing of the deployment of new and existing technologies in the enterprise

Achieve business growth through effective and efficient IT backbone


Establish a vision, mission and critical success factors of IT enabled business operations

The current IT organization and infrastructure is assessed and contextualized

The role and function of the governance, architecture and planning documents are outlined and contextualized

Do a technology scan, which includes reviewing the current technology base.

Analyze the organizational strategy to extract, distil or derive its strategic thrusts or drivers

Map the business requirements with the current and planned IT strategy

IT risks are aligned with the organizational risk management process

The impact of the resource constraints, resource allocation and the IT budget is clarified

Factors and drivers that will influence the future IT organization are presented

An application renewal strategy is included, along with current and planned IT projects