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Data Privacy Assurance

Customers are becoming sensitive and demanding privacy of their data residing at organizations data canters. The organizations are therefore stepping up their processes around handling of customer data so that an effective governance and required measures are adopted to ensure privacy of data. We perform a detailed study of the existing infrastructure used by organizations to understand below aspects of Data Privacy defined by Data Security Council of India (DSCI) in the Data Security, Protection and Assessment frameworks and come up with a gaps analysis and process improvement recommendations along with a detailed implementable plan.




Collection Limitation

Use Limitation


Access & Corrections

Security & Safeguards

Data Quality




Trans border data flow and



A standard use and adoption of DSCI’s Data Security framework(s) to ensure customer’s data is safeguarded in a structured manner

Improved Data Privacy Assurance that meets the demand of various global economies​


Assessment of current data handling processes

Understanding the vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Understanding the gaps between current data handling practices and the industry best practices

Design and develop recommendations for Data Privacy policy, procedures and processes

Establish an Data Privacy implementation plan

Awareness and training program to key IT operations staff